Monday, January 9, 2012

weekend adventures

we had a really fun weekend, starting on friday. will and i met my good friend, bonnie, and her daughter, audrey, at the LA Zoo. audrey and will had tons of fun running around, watching the elephants and monkeys and playing on their playground. bonnie and i had fun chatting and eating dippin' dots :)

then, on saturday morning, william and my parents and i drove down to san diego to visit whitney and her family. will loves his cousins emmy and weston and they were pretty wild together. whitney's also pregnant; due at the end of this month, so we had to take a couple of sister belly shots!

we drove down to the shipyards in downtown san diego to see all of the old ships that they've made into a maritime museum. it was awesome. they had 2 submarines (one of which was russian) and about 4 or 5 other old ships from the 1800s. they were all so cool--but it made me grateful that we don't travel by boat anymore!

this first shot isn't the best of the kids, but it shows how small everything in the submarines were. there were valves and levers and buttons everywhere. the bunks were teeny and i thought my baby was going to pop out if i had to walk through one more of these little doors (? i have no idea what they're really called).

we were able to try our hand at steering and exploring all the different parts of the ships.

will and weston showing us their muscles by the canons.

and the kids even got to dress up like how the passengers used to dress on the Star of India ship, which would take people over to new zealand and the pacific islands.

then, yesterday morning, before church, we took the kids down to the la jolla bay to see the seals. will liked seeing the seals, but didn't really love walking in the sand . . . he's a funny boy. but up on the boardwalk, he and his cousins ran free and climbed trees. it was a really fun morning. it's so nice being by the ocean, even if it was a little chilly and overcast.

then, after church, will and i loaded up and drove back up to pasadena. and for at least half an hour of the drive, will cried because he wanted to go back to weston's house. he loves his cousins!


petey said...

I think they might be called ports. but I'm not totally sure.

mom/shauna said...

Love the picture of Will standing on the post.
He is so cute.