Sunday, August 2, 2009

welcome home.

i just spent the last 5 weeks at an undisclosed location in Alabama. Since i was in lock down for much of the time there, sometimes i would forget where i was.

as such, it was nice when i got off base every once in awhile to have reminders around the local area to remind me that i was in the South.

here are a few examples of things that tell you you're in the South...

this one's from a church parking lot. i wonder what they really think of the government.

this one's from a local mexican joint that offers 10% discount on Sundays if you bring proof that you attended church that day: i.e. a church bulletin

but it also offers deals for "Thristy Night," which i think is a variation of Thirsty Thursday, but who knows what they were actually trying to spell.

you gotta love the South. i'm so glad to be home.


Jill Tew said...

Glad you're home and you survived. Now I'm excited to see pictures of your new place! Hope the reunion was sweet.

Stephen said...

good to see you back on the radar

mom/shauna said...

How is it in your new Biloxi home?
I'm so glad you and Emily unpacked before you left for training. Hopefully, you can enjoy a few days before work begins.
Post more pictures!

Nick said...

Congrats Captain.

Keep the southern pics coming.

paul said...

welcome home soldier.

Amy F said...

You leave me wanting more details about your training! Or is it all top secret... as is your undisclosed location?? I see how it is.

Glad you get to help Emily nest in your new nest. Fill us in on the new job asap!!